Friday, 10 August 2012

Home Alone: Golden Retriever With Hat & New Falkirk Mobile Fuel Drainage Service!

Welcome to another Accidental Fuelling solution blog post!

We've been busy, so busy that I've not been in the house for quite some time!

When removing fuel from cars and covering all of the Scottish Central belt from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and West Lothian can be quite an exhausting exercise but it's all worth it when you come home at the end of the week to see my loved ones... or so I thought!

Picture the scene, I come home, park the van in the drive, open the door (expecting a rapturous reception) but low and behold, no-one is there! Where are you I shout! I'm home!

No Mrs AFS247 and no Woody (my beloved man's best friend) - so what am I to do!!!

It turns out that Mrs Accidental Fuelling Solutions was away to her friends in Fife and Woody was away too - it must’ve been a special occasion cause Woody was wearing a hat!

Anyway, the night was probably what the Dr ordered as I was completely shattered with all the mobile fuel draining from cars I was doing in Scotland and around Perth through the week.

I'm not complaining about anything all the same as I'm pleased the mobile fuel drainage business in Scotland is doing so well and I'm still managing to help quite a lot of folks get back on the road.

So well in fact that we've started to look at expanding the mobile fuel drainage business into Falkirk - one of the most populated towns within the central belt so that I can help people that have put the wrong fuel in their car in Falkirk.

I know there could be some unfortunate drivers in Falkirk so hopefully Accidental Fuelling Solutions in Falkirk could help them out.

So if anyone needs our help in Falkirk, just get in touch and we'll be there as quick as possible!

So, back to the story I forgot I was telling you about...

...that's right, my Mrs and Woody my Golden Retriever leaving me for a fancy night out in Fife at Mrs AFS247 friends house; needless to say by the time they got home, I had fallen asleep on the couch watching the Olympics....

.... then woke up to get back on the road again! What a Friday night!

Take care folks, speak soon!

Dave McGowan

Accidental Fuelling Solutions Director

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