Friday, 15 June 2012

Now serving Glasgow and the West of Scotland!

We've recently updated the AFS247 homepage to reflect the new Glasgow and the West of Scotland mobile fuel drain service that we are now offering.

Although Accidental Fuelling Solutions is based in Edinburgh Scotland, we also provide a great service to all our friends in the west!

So if you've filled up the with the wrong fuel in Glasgow, Lanarkshire or anywhere in the west, get in touch with us!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the new Accidental Fuelling Solutions blog written by me - Dave McGowan, owner and Director of Accidental Fuelling Solutions.

The aim of this blog is to give all the folks out there an idea of what it is we do and how we can hopefully help if you have put the wrong fuel in your car in Scotland.

Here's hoping we can give you an insight into what we've done, are currently working on and what ideas we have for the future.