Monday, 16 July 2012

I would drive 1000 miles and I would drive 100 more!

Hi folks,

Dave here, just thought I'd write a wee update to the AFS247 blog just to give an update on life, love and of course Accidental Fuelling Solutions!

Well lets start on life; life has been really good recently with regards to how busy both myself and the business has been in Scotland. 

Last week I actually did 1000 miles plus traveling all around Edinburgh, the Central Belt of Scotland and into our new patch Glasgow. In no way am I complaining! In those 1000 plus miles I managed to help unlucky drivers get back on the road - safely, with the proper fuel in their car and fortunately no damage done to their car engine - which was great!

My friends and family sometimes ask "how can you possibly do that many miles in a week?" I always say to them. "My job is a lot different from the normal 9-5 shift that  you all have!" The one things that's different is that we are truly a 247 (twenty four seven) every day of the year service and we are constantly on call to help anyone that has put the wrong fuel in their car in Scotland.

Now onto the love part now... I sometimes hear folks saying that the hate their job - I felt like that a while ago - this spurred me on to start my own mobile fuel drain business in Scotland, and life is a lot rosier. 

Before starting the business, I noticed other companies (that are in the same field as Accidental Fuelling Solutions) were doing things a wee bit different from what we do - we aim to try and do things the right way with the driver and customer at the heart of the service.

The most important qualities Accidental Fuelling Solutions trade on is that we have to be dependable, reliable and be friendly towards any potential customer - we understand that accidents do happen!

Hopefully the love we put into the business is reflected in our service and passed on to all the unfortunate drivers we meet that accidentally misfuell their car. Check out what some of our previous customers have said about Accidental Fuelling Solutions and hopefully the love has shone through. 

Well now the life and love part is over, this brings me onto the Accidental Fuelling Solutions part of the blog... oh I forgot, I just spoke about all of that! My other half will be wondering why I didn't speak about her in the life and love bit!

Ah well, when you're clocking up 1000 mile plus a week, it's good to have a misses that understands! 

All the best folks and be safe out there!

Dave Director and 1000 mile + clocker (AFS247)

P.S. It was the Proclaimers that sang that song!.....

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A thunderbolt flying through the Glasgow sky!

Picture the scene, I wake up 5 am eyes wide open - a thought entered my mind like a thunderbolt flying through the sky (with the correct fuel on board) - Accidental Fuelling Solutions ( WILL help drivers in Glasgow when they put the wrong fuel in their car! We will provide mobile fuel drainage in Glasgow! If you are saying "I've filled up my car with the wrong petrol in Glasgow" then we can now help you!!!

After much consideration and thought and after a really successful year in terms of the drivers we've helped get back on the road, we decided to grow our business and offer our full service to all van, bus, bike and car drivers in the Glasgow area. Putting the wrong fuel in your car (in Glasgow or anywhere else) can be a pain but don't let it stop you get back on the Glasgow roads - just contact us and we'll help.

To kick-start the new part of our wrong fuel Glasgow business, I asked my man with the digital savvy to create a new web page that just concentrates on the unique Mobile Fuel Drainage service in Glasgow. The new part of the site explains what is different about our service and tries to re-assure Glasgow drivers that everything will be okay. I said, "Fraser, I want all the Glasgow folks (that fill up their car with the wrong fuel) to know about our new fantastic service we offer!" Please see the results here.

When we thought of the new Glasgow misfuelling service, we wanted to make sure that we could offer the same quality/reliable service (that we have provided to all the other van and car drivers in the East) to all the folks and misfuellers Glasgow.

To do this required good planning, investment, some drive and determination and the ability to gain knowledge from our past experiences and to make sure our service is more robust for all drivers that put petrol into their diesel car in Glasgow.
So, If you have filled up your car with diesel and you live in Glasgow, fear not, Accidental Fuelling Solutions will visit you quickly and drain the petrol or diesel from your car at your Glasgow house, garage, forecourt or even if you are by the side of the road!

We are on standby 24/7 (as the name suggests) to help all car drivers that have accidentally put the wrong fuel in their tank in Glasgow.

We hope you don't accidentally misfuel your car, but if you do and you live in Glasgow, then contact us now - we'll be happy to help you get on the road fast!

Catch you all later!

Dave Mc
Director (AFS24/7)